HE Stain Remover

The Excelsior HE Stain Remover is a revolutionary cleaning product that offers amazing value!! When combined with the Excelsior HE Laundry Detergent, you have the perfect match, resulting in unsurpassed cleaning and performance, leaving clothes fresh and clean!

  • Innovative technology that cleans with the power of 2 Enzymes
  • Available in 250ml and 120ml sizes
Environmental Friendly
  • Phosphate free and biodegradable
  • High efficiency formula, 250ml bottle removes 625 stains, 120ml bottle removes 300 stains
  • It removes spaghetti, tomato sauce, gravy, chocolate, pasta, grass, food stains, ketchup, mustard, grape, grease, grime, oil, makeup, baby food, inks, potato, starch stains, blood, and many more...
  • It also comes with our Love It / Adore It Guarantee!
Excelsior® offers you a unique 30 day LOVE IT / ADORE IT GUARANTEE®. This means if you don’t love it, Excelsior® will refund 100% of the suggested retail price within 30 days of purchase... no questions asked!
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